Basket Ball and Handicapping Betting

Basket Ball and Handicapping Betting


Almost everyone loves sports, right? Those days when a match is going on, the excitement, the energy, the tension, the anxiety if your favourite team is going to win or not, it all feels like a rollercoaster of emotions. It gets us all fuelled up, screaming and hollering through the screens to motivate the players. Lets discuss Basket Ball and Handicapping Betting in here.

Basketball: What it is and how it started.

Now an international and Olympic game, basketball was played in 1891, for the very first time in the U.S. It quickly gained attention overseas and became a popular indoor game. In 1932, a board exclusively for basketball was formed, the International Basketball Federation.

Mostly all are acquainted with the basic rules of how to play it. It is a game between two teams, with five people on each side, and they are supposed to score points by throwing the ball successfully through the hoop while dribbling and bouncing it the whole time. 

What is Handicapping?

Basket Ball and Handicapping betting involves getting both opponents at an equal ground and level to play a game they specialise in. Casting out the characteristics gives them a fair share of chances to play the game and win accordingly. This process is applied in various sports fields to have a balanced match. For example, horse races, bowling, baseball, basketball, etc. It is represented with a ‘+’ or ‘-‘ sign on the screen, and these scores are later added to the final results.

Sports Betting Market In India

One might be unaware of how big the betting market for sports in India is. The annual estimation of this market size was around USD 50 to 150 billion. 

Basket Ball and Handicapping Betting has been a part of our country for a while. Even if it is amicable and done at home, it is still considered the same. Recall those days when a game of Ludo was going on, and some of your friends or family members would jokingly say, “I’m betting that the green one is going to win!”. 

However, with time, these tiny little bets have turned into a significant global business. Many sites have been developed to entertain sports enthusiasts by providing a ground, fully registered, legal and licensed, to make bets.

In the famous ODI league(One-Day International), the money gambled with illegal means amounts to about 200 million dollars per game. And the amount collected in a year from just the bets made on cricket matches reaches 150 billion dollars. The Justice Lodha Committee estimated a few years ago that the Indian betting market stood at about 6 lakh crores. But according to a more recent report and research done in 2019 by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry, the amount was shown at half, at 3 lakh crores, 41 billion dollars.

Various Types Of Handicapping

Handicapping betting comes and happens in many forms and types:

  1. Line Handicapping – When a bookmaker handicaps the match and points are added to the extent to which the opponent team is believed to be better than the other, it is line handicapping. 
  1. Alternative Handicap/ Handicap Draw – In this form of handicap, the points are added to the final results at the end. After alternating their results, the team with the highest score wins the game.
  1. Asian Handicap – It is used in soccer matches. You are allowed to add or deduct points from one of the teams. For example, if you want -3 for Team B, the original score stands at 7-6. Then, the final results will be shown 4-6, making team A a winner.

How Does Handicapping Work In Basketball?

Handicap betting has become an essential tool in basketball matches. To eliminate the chances of letting a biassed ability win, handicap betting came to use. Let’s say there is a match between Team 1 and Team 2. Team 2 may be very talented, but it can be seen that they are going to lose because Team 1 is far more experienced, therefore, better than them. Then bettings are made, and some scores are added to level the ground of competition, giving both of them an equal and fair chance of winning.

Best Basketball Betting Sites in India

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Betting on sports has become very popular, not only in India but in the whole world. About half of adults have bet at least once in their lifetime.

Marvel Bet

Marvel Bet is the biggest betting site in Asia, and the players are offered various sports and options to place their bets in. Along with the legal and authentic ground to place bets on, it also gives opportunities to make payments in the correct source without any trouble. 

For depositing and withdrawal, the same transaction method can be used. If one deposits through UPI, they can withdraw with it too.

Earlier, one could access Marvel Bet only through the website desktop. But with the growing interest of people and sports enthusiasts in betting, it developed an application for Androids that can be easily operated on smartphones.


Founded in 2019, Crickex has raised itself to the level of other high-quality sites used by youngsters and adults. Many people have shifted their accounts to Crickex after its development because of the facilities and features. It is an authorised and licensed site for gambling and betting. 

Since it is operated mainly in India and for Indians, the payment methods and online transactions can be done by any banking platform currently in use and open. Apart from these, Crickex has many benefits for the users. For example, if someone shares the site with their friend, they get a bonus sum of money, weekly lucky draws, lottery options and more.


JeetWin is a foreign betting site, incredibly famous with many people joining in on the games to make bets. It is a secure site with safety measures to avoid wrong-doings of illegal tricks. The payments can be made quickly through UPIs, net banking or bank transfers online. 

It offers a website and an application to the public to entertain them, and there is a separate application for Android and iOS users. Available and open to everyone, it is an authorised and authentic site to make bets. It serves varieties of games like cricket, basketball and casinos too. 


Bet Visa is trendy among sports lovers for making bets and playing the tables. With so many sites doing the same services, Bet Visa stands out for its exclusive features to users and players. 

It can be used on any device, irrespective of the model or version. You can download the application to entertain yourself and your friends and family with some top-class casino games and sports. It is convenient and is open 24X7 for the users. The platform is sincere and does not allow fraud activity and mishaps, owing to its high security.

Why are Handicapped Bets so Popular in Basketball?

Handicapping betting is used in several sports but is prevalent in basketball. It is such because the scoring in basketball is different from other sports. The bookmaker makes the bet to level the competition by giving some plus points to the weaker team or deducting the points from the experienced team. However, it is also true that sometimes the outcomes would be different if handicap betting is not done.

For example, if you bet on Team B, and the bookmaker gives them +5.5 for their final results, and they win because of it, you also win the bet.

Best Methods To Pay For Sports Betting

After the match is over and with so much to lose, you surely wouldn’t want to get trapped in the whole issue of payments and fraud. Here we will tell you about the payment gateways and methods you can opt for to secure and safe transactions.


Payments have been made legal in Paytm if you are betting on and from the legal methods and sites. 

Phone Pe

You can always open Phone pe to ensure the safe payments of betting. With your betting account, choose the payment mode through which you will be doing the transactions.

Google Pay

Being easy-to-use and trouble-free, google pay has become the most favoured option for betting payments. Many legal and authentic betting sites accept the gains made through Google pay.

Bank Transfer

Although some may find bank transfers to betting sites inconvenient, it is one of the most popular payment methods. It offers many online facilities like UPI, Rupee-O, etc.

E- Wallet 

The electronic wallet makes online payments through a laptop, computer, and mobile phone; all you need to do is connect it with your betting account.


With handicapped betting coming into use in nearly all sports, one can easily take the benefit from it. So many matches happen, and a small bet can change your luck, leading you to a profit. While a majority of the population still considers betting an illegal activity, if it is done on licensed platforms without any use of illicit activities, then it is okay. Basket Ball and Handicapping Betting gives the player a change to get higher odds.