How To Become A PRO In Cricket Betting?

Everyone grew up watching cricket, and the popularity all over India for cricket keeps growing more and more, and there is no stopping it. Cricket has played a role in bringing people together, and all this popularity has led to earning more profit than usual. People are way too obsessed with cricket and earning money through it. Cricket carries a huge fan base and people follow the players, the team and everything related to cricket. Online cricket betting is just another facet of a coin in cricket; the popularity of betting is yet another thing attracting more people to betting. If you are one of them and want to learn about betting and become a pro in cricket betting, this article is for you.

Ways to become a pro in betting:

You might be new to online betting, so you should be very careful regarding the terms and conditions of the online betting site. Some sites also offer a welcome bonus when you deposit a certain amount for starting bets. Becoming an online betting pro requires lots of hard work and risks. But it also brings profit when done correctly. Online betting is a better way to earn money while watching the match, as concentration is crucial while watching the game and picking out small details, which can cause a turning event. These are the ways for a newbie to become a pro in cricket betting:

  1. Play safe 

Online betting is about making money, but there are chances of losing your money in some cases. In this situation, you should play safe. Matches can take any turn, and a thrilling game can make you lose money. You can also bet on both sides to be safe at first.

  1. Factors affecting the match 

The weather and the pitch play a role in the match. When there is a sunny day, the batsman has a better opportunity, but when it is windy weather, the pacer is likely to perform better. Because of the weather, the match results vary, and the pitch also influences the results. You must choose your bet wisely when the field is likely in favor of a pacer. Scores are not enough, and you should watch the game properly.

  1. Analysis of the team

To start online betting, you must first be knowledgeable and should have a clear understanding of the game. You can make more money. You should check the rankings of the team and players and bet accordingly. Strong players and teams win the game, but it is not always the same and can change accordingly.

  1. Higher the risk higher the cost

When two teams are playing, there are chances of change in-game or a point where the results will start shifting. In cases like these, if you bet on the losing team and it wins the game, it will bring you more money than the winning team who lost.

  1. Investment 

Now, if you think you can invest as much as you can and earn a profit is wrong thinking in cricket betting. You must be careful about your investment and start investing only 10% at the start of your limit. If you are willing to earn a profit in betting, you must first learn how to handle the limits and the budget while betting. It is necessary as you might get with the flow of gambling.

  1. Fake Tips and frauds

You might need to be careful while first starting online betting, as some of them might lead to fake tips. Fake tips might be alluring and might use you to earn money. People who give fake tips try to hide their identity by turning off the comment section.


As this article suggested ways for newbies to start their online cricket gambling, it also implies that there are many risks while earning money through gambling or betting. Betting is not easy for people unaware of cricket or online gambling. It might lead to fraud and various illegal activities. Even though online betting is legal in India due to some loopholes, it is still a risky bet and works on no refunds. Key takeaways for becoming a pro cricket betting: 

  • Examine the weather
  • Play safely at the beginning 
  • Analyze everything at the start of the match and during the game.
  • Set a limit on the budget
  • Try to watch the match and look out for small details.
  • Look out for frauds.
  • Take risks only when necessary. 
  • Examine the terms and conditions of the online betting websites.
  • Look into the welcome bonus.
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