Best Betting Football Sites In India and Tips 2022

Sports are a source of recreation around the world. Football or soccer is one of the most loved games across the world. People from different parts of the world, choose their favourite teams and cheer for them while some simply watch it for the thrill and enjoyment. To add to this recreation, betting has become popular over time. More and more people are engaging in it as it generates profit for some and is fun as well. Lets discuss best betting football sites in India.

Best Football Betting Sites

Here are some of the football betting sites that you can trust.

1 Marvel Bet

Marvel Bet is present in countries like India and Bangladesh. With Marvelbet, you can bet on games like football and cricket. Undoubtedly the best thing about this betting app is that it offers a bonus of rs 1500 with a deposit of Rs 500 for its new customers. There are specialized referral codes to avail of this offer. Live betting is also available on Marvel Bet. When you open the website head over to the promotions area to take advantage of the latest offers and bonuses. There are many payment options available like bank transfer, Paytm, Visa, and MasterCard. They have efficient customer service as well like live chat which provides for 24/7 unhassled customer support, email, and support across social media.

2 Cricket

This is a very popular betting site not only for football but for cricket as well. This site provides live betting options. It is characterized by a friendly interface which makes it even more suitable for Indian audiences. The process to place a bet is quite easy in cricket. Login to the website, open the sportsbook tab and tap on sports, you can choose the event and then you can place a bet.

3 Jeetwin

Jeetwin provides betting opportunities on a wide variety of games and sports football is one of them. Many offers and games keep on running throughout the year. When you sign up you get 5 free spins to win exciting rewards. They give a first deposit bonus as well.

4 Betvisa

This site is said to be the best site for betting. It offers casino games as well. The interface of this website is user-friendly. The navigation, the color, and the fonts are very attractive which makes the process of betting smooth and efficient. This website is most trusted by Indian players as it’s very secure and safe. The site accepts almost all payment methods including UPI, bank transfer, Visa, and Paytm.

5 ICCwin

This website offers cricket and football betting. The interface of the website is designed in such a way that it provides live betting, fixtures of matches, and events. It has an official ICC app as well. This website or app suggests the best odds to place your bet at. Other than this ICC win provides an opportunity to venture into other betting markets as well such as casinos, and cricket.

Some tips about football betting

1 use E-wallets

Bank transfers or using credit cards can be risky as banks can review your payments. Betting can be considered illegal by some banks. Hence they may stop you from doing it. So it’s better to use e-wallets where you can transfer money to your wallet with the help of your bank account, then make payments.

2 Bet at the best odds

This is the best technique to win a bet. Avoid taking risks and always place your bet at the best odds. See the trend of the team you are rooting for and then make a decision accordingly. Don’t put too much money on a team you are under-confident on.

3 Research and know your market

It’s important to do deep-rooted research and know your market before placing a bet. Smaller leagues may not hold much value but this is where you can research and know your market better. If placed a bet in small leagues you can win big as well. Once you learn the market properly, you will be confident with your betting.

4 Avoid cup games

Cup games seem a good option to win big but people tend to lose a lot in this since they invest big. There are chances that the larger team will turn out to be weak in the end. Cup games are unpredictable so all you do is a bet on your luck.

Football betting will be a smooth and fun process when betting from these sites. The best part is that some sites give a welcome bonus which is surely a good motivation to bet. Along with these, the tips will be of great help that have to be kept in mind while betting.