Best Indian Betting sites

Best Indian Betting sites: How to Bet in India

Betting invites a thrilling experience that you may not get in watching the game. If you are a football lover, there are chances you might have a favourite team. Football lovers know the in and outs of a game, so they use this expertise to bet on their favorite team. Football betting is slowly gaining momentum in India. In India, people use various sites to bet on football matches. Out of all the sites we have curated a list of the best Indian betting sites for football.

Best Indian Betting sites

1 MarvelBet

MarvelBet is an Indian football betting site. It offers a wide range of betting opportunities on Indian and European football. This site gives a great welcome offer as well up to rs 2500. You can bet on live football with this site. It is said to be the best site for betting on live football. This site is trustworthy as it provides fair and safe gambling opportunities for users. MarvelBet provides interactive gaming and betting opportunities that too in a safe and secure environment. MarvelBet has a mobile app both for Android and IOS users.

2 Crickex

This website is available in many languages languages and accepts more than 25 currencies. Hence it provides ease and smoothness in the betting process. Crickex accepts Indian rupees as well. Payments and deposits can be done via Paytm, bank transfer, visa, etc. The process of betting is simple, start by making your account, logging in, depositing some money, and then you are ready to place your bets on your desired teams.

3 Jeetwin

Jeetwin is India’s most loved site for football betting. The user interface of jeetwin is user-friendly that allows for easy navigation. Jeetwin allows for a speedy deposit and withdrawal so that the users can enjoy betting without any hassles. They provide 24/7 customer support as well making it easy to clarify your doubts and problems. Other than sports betting also offers online games and casinos.

4 BetVisa

BetVisa is another website that offers betting opportunities for users. BetVisa has a mobile app too which is convenient for users because of a friendly user interface. Other than betting, there are online casino games as well that have BetVisa offers. BetVisa offers a terrific customer experience that’s why people keep coming back to this site.

5 Betwinner

Betwinner provides innovative user-friendly features that keep you hooked to the website. The website lays down the odds of winning for each team by presenting an analysis. This helps the betters to place their bets mindfully. Betwinner allows betting on both esports and sports. Betting on esports is also growing and promises a good scope for betters.

How to bet in India

The general process of betting stays the same across websites in India while the rewards and offers may vary from site to site. Here is a step-by-step guide on the process of betting in India.

1 Create your account

The first step to betting in India is to create an account on your desired betting website. The website would ask for basic information like name, email ID, identity proof, phone number, and bank details for making the deposits. You can also connect your E-wallets to ensure maximum safety and security.

2 Login

After you have created your account, you can log in simply by entering your password and email ID. In case you forget your password there are provisions to recover your account as well. The process varies from site to site.

3 Deposit some money

The next step is to deposit some money. It is mandatory to have some money in your website account to be eligible to place your bets. If you are a new user, many sites may offer a welcome bonus on a specific amount of deposit.

4 Place your bets

Once you have deposited your money, you can finally place your bets on the team you think will win the particular match. Make sure you place your bets mindfully, do not place large bets only because you are constantly winning. Proper research about the teams will help to increase your odds of winning and predicting the game.

These were some of the best Indian betting sites for football. The first stage of betting in football is to know the process of doing it and which site to go to. If this is done properly, then you will enjoy betting. A secret tip is to do your research and know your market to increase your odds of winning.