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Having transcended the regular notion of entertainment provider, online games have spread their wings further, by acting as a stressbuster, imparting education and helping in gaining money as well. Several studies conducted have statistically proved the power of online games in influencing the youth towards productive activity as well as giving them opportunities to earn. Lets discuss about Jeetwin here

Online gaming has even started a new trend in employment as many gamers have taken up these online games as a full time career. With successive lockdowns and social distancing, online gaming has witnessed a surge as, with the availability of varied games, people can now engage their critical thinking skills, creative thinking, competitiveness, problem solving ability in the virtual world.

What is JeetWin?

Launched in 2017 with a license from Curacao Gaming Commission, Jeetwin started as an online casino exclusively curated for Indian gamers. Keeping the safety and privacy of its players in its heart, the betting site aims to deliver various progressive games to play while protecting the confidentiality of its players. Jeetwin is now a reputed and widely accepted online casino forum. 

By winning the games, one can easily win cash prizes which is easy to avail for the availability of UPI and Paytm. With the evolution of this betting site by adding improved features, finding a casino site in India is no more a hassle- one can easily deposit and withdraw money and win upto thousands of cash prizes by engaging in the casino games.

What are the various games that you can play on JeetWin? 

While betting at casinos might seem a bit risky with luck being one of the prime components for securing a win, Jeetwin offers a variety of games for its players to experience the casino life and win exciting rewards. With the right choice of game available on the site, players have time and again secured great victories. Among the many games, some are as follows:

  1. Namaste Roulette:

One of the most famous casino games, Roulette is a wheel containing thirty-eight numbers where there are either black or red colors for numbers ranging from 1 to 38, and green for 0. The player bets on a number only if the wheel stops at that number does the player wins. With the probability of winning this is near about 50%, Roulette is one of the most played games.

  1. BlackJack

The goal is to beat the dealer. the goal of this game. With the right skills and luck the player can win the game that is thought to have a 49% probability of winning.

  1. Poker

Played against other fellow players, Poker is a card game which requires skill which may take long enough to master. Once won, the prize is highly satisfying.

Besides these games, there are Baccarat, Teen-Patti, bet on numbers, etc.

Does JeetWin have a mobile application?

Besides being available for laptops and PCs, Jeetwin is also available in tablet or any smartphone without compromising on the gaming quality and user experience. With a different interface containing the same essence of the game, Jeetwin works fine on all smart devices.

What are the security and fair play measures that JeetWin follows?

Allowing only players above 18 years to register with Jeetwin. This betting site follows every security protocol to safeguard its players confidentiality. The datas are thoroughly encrypted and no personal information is leaked. Until and unless it is lawfully asked by any law abiding authority. Also, the live casino games use Random Number Generator that enables fair outcomes of any games. The modes of payments are also secured.through the KYC standards and through methods of UPI and Paytm.

How to reach out customer support for JeetWin?

The site has provided many ways to reach out to their customer support in case of any query or dispute. Besides the Frequently Asked Questions available in the site, here are the email ids which can be mailed to resolve any problem : (technical issues), (marketing issues) and @jeetwinsupport (Telegram handle). They also have a live “Chat with us” option for immediate assistance.

What are the benefits JeetWin?


  1. They provide a virtual casino for the Indians exclusively at convenience. 
  2. Provides chances to win exciting rewards and cash prizes without having to move out of houses.
  3. Develops players’ skills with fresh games and competitive fields.
  4. Provides a variety of banking options making the whole experience easier than real-life casinos

Final Words

As one of the popular certified Indian casino sites, Jeetwin provides a great platform to players. They can experience the casino life from the comfort of home. With safety protocols  and privacy checks, the site offers a safe arena for people from various regions to come together and compete in the virtual space. Having a wide range of fresh games, players have a greater chance at winning by selecting the game that suits their skills. However, the players must ensure security of registration and payments. While Jeetwin provides an online casino to drive away monotony in this world of social distancing. But one must be careful to avoid any scam.