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Any person can contact us at any moment using You can mail us and give your feedback on our website. We also accept suggestions from our users regarding our website or if they want to report any kind of issues or inconvenience. This website has multiple cricket experts and enthusiasts who will help you in every step and solve your queries. Our team are ready to answer any of your questions with the most suitable answers. Our experts offer you real-time answers rearing your queries. We at mvb247 always try to solve your queries as soon as possible and make your betting experience memorable.


We allow our users to draft a complaint against us through email. Our team try to answer the mail and solve the queries and issues as soon as possible. We have a stipulated response time of 48 hours. Our system has a standard infrastructure feature where the spam mails get detected. We can respond to genuine queries quickly through this method. This mechanism is very helpful, its main aim was to focus on genuine issues and solve them as soon as possible to provide an excellent betting experience to our users. The users should put a proper subject to their mail so that we can understand the issues clearly and respond to them quickly. The subject will also help our system to understand that your mail is not fake or spam.

It should be noted that MVB247 gives priority to all the complaints and ensures that your queries are resolved as soon as possible. It is our request to all users that they should read the terms and conditions, about us and privacy policy before mailing us any kind of complaints. Every detail about the MVB247 website is provided in these documents. The MVB247 is a review website that provides users with information and tips about betting and how the betting operations work. Our website does not promote any betting operators that are listed on the website. If a user faces any kinds of issues regarding the betting operators we are not responsible.

We are not the owner of any third-party betting operator, so we cannot help you regarding the betting operations. We do not ask you for any kind of personal details such as your bank account in your email. The information you provide to us is completely safe with our support team. MVB247 ensures you that no personal information is leaked by us.


Check out our guidelines if you are interested in getting your personal sportsbook listed. If the guidelines are not followed properly, your review would not be considered. All the advertising requests that do not follow our guidelines properly are automatically sent to the spam section. MVB247 only qualify the bookmaker once they have checked them in detail. However, most bookmakers fail to qualify due to various factors. Our standard of advertising is very superior to other websites. If you are willing to get a review from MVB247, make sure that you properly fill out your details and ask for changes once it gets posted on our website. Any one can contact us for any advertisements.

Usually, the reviewing process is quite lengthy and it takes around 1-6 months based on the size of the website. The MVB247 also allows various betting-related articles to be posted on its website. The article goes through a very strict and fast checking process before it gets posted on the website. However, the process of reviewing articles is not very long. Our support team contacts you if your article gets accepted by us within the stipulated time.

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