Cricket and IPL betting

Cricket and IPL betting


Sports is one of the most prominent industries in this world, offering zillions of games for every type of interest. Sports involve games played by a person to improve mobility and brain and make money. It can be a leisure activity and a source to earn a living while enjoying what one loves to do. Cricket and IPL betting is so popular in India.

Introduction to cricket 

One such sports activity is cricket. Cricket is a vastly played game and sport in the history of India. Every street in India witnesses mini-tournaments of cricket conducted by children every Evening. India is a country of cricket. This game using equipment like bat and ball is played between two teams having 11 players each side for a span of a few overs which is enjoyed heartily by every citizen of our country. 

The world of cricket – The IPL

While the general ODI having 50 overs can be a little too much for a person to follow, it tends to lose its audience mid-game because of the lack of thrill resulting from the excessive amount of overs available for a team to score runs with ease. T-20 was introduced to keep the excitement high in followers and stick to the game. It was successful with the introduction of IPL (Indian Premier League), a nationwide T-20 tournament where clubs compete for a match of 20 overs representing each state and the winner earns the trophy with a cash prize. 

An overview of the sports betting market in India

Legends claim that betting began in India in 2500 BC, the era of Mahabharata and Ramayana. Sports betting has been a prominent pastime activity in India for ages, with it is also a speculation activity for people to make money. Sports betting has had a fluctuating history in the Indian economy. 

While it has been believed to be a lousy pastime on a micro level, gradually, sports betting has got its image clean by coming out as a massive contributor to the macroeconomy of India. It has resulted in lifting the ban in many states across the country, making sports betting a legal, economic activity. Even so, it has a few downsides, due to which it is always recommended to avoid the addiction to sports betting and indulge in it as a pastime 


How does betting work In cricket?

Cricket and IPL Betting in cricket is probably the most famous form of betting in India, with it being the most interesting. Cricket betting requires you to look after many factors before chipping your money into a team to win the bet. And earn a handsome amount of money, for which you will need good analytical skills and knowledge of the game. Before betting, you need to know the previous performance of both the teams playing in a match. You need to be aware of weather conditions, pitch reports, all the playing 11s of the teams and their performances, along with their beef with other players and top players in the team that are expected to provide high value to the team by their performance. 

Why are IPL bets so popular in cricket?

IPL is the most famous cricket tournament across the nation, which runs on every household’s television on their time, making IPL betting a popular activity.

Since more people love and watch IPL, the number of people betting on the matches increases. And subsequently increasing the pool prizes and the popularity of IPL bets in cricket.

What are the various betting types of IPL betting?

  • General Cricket Bets

These are the most common format of IPL betting where you only have to predict the outcome of a match, whether a team will win, a team will lose, or a draw.

  • Team Propositions Bets

In these types of bets, you predict individual players of the teams based on their performance as to who will be the best batsman, bowler or take more wickets, the man of the match and many more such propositions.

  • In-play proposition bets 

In-play proposition bets, as the name suggests, are bets made in real-time during the match. As in, you bet on the outcome of the next ball of the bowler or run of the batsman to earn quick money and once the bet has been made after the first delivery.

Best Cricket and IPL betting sites in India

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Marvel Bet is one of the top betting websites which offer value for amount you pay to bet on this. They provide features that can enable you to earn more than you normally can through live dealer support from experts and casino games such as Roulette, Fan Tan and numerous other games. The site provides an excellent experience for players and gamblers who visit the site , with a high-end design. MarvelBet is already renowned for its long tradition of providing services to the gaming industry. And it has a well-known brand in the industry, too making it a dependable site that can put your money towards benefit in the field of sports betting.


Crickex is another betting site with a pool of games and sports. It is specialised and keenly focused on cricket betting. You can find every broadcasting cricket match worldwide to bet on. Alongside betting, it also provides betting services like betting previews and tips. It makes your betting experience more seamless and enjoyable due to the transparency and easy strategy build-up. It is one of the most quickly evolving betting sites that also provides many casino games to play. 


Jeetwin is another dependable site to test your chance in the world of betting and where you can receive bonuses for signing up without depositing any money. The site was launched in the year 2017. betting website is a top gambling site that allows a player to try their luck on an array of games to bet on. It also focuses on giving you a premium casino gaming with live dealers. Jeetwin is an authorized website for gambling that requires certain rules and regulations for the user that must have their acceptance in order to continue to use the service in order to shield users from any harm that betting could result in.


A very famous and reliable sports exchange website in India is BetVisa. It has many offers to serve you with the superior experience of betting with proper terms and conditions. And analysis and reports to help you bet the right amount and earn money by betting on their site. It also offers the most accessible casino service in the country, with a wide range of casino games. This simplistic approach also carries forward to the betting arena of BetVisa, where it tends to keep the betting procedure as simple as possible to prevent users from the technicalities of betting, which might cause them huge problems and losses in the future.

What are the best methods to pay for sports betting in India?


One of the most famous online wallets is Paytm. It is actively associated with betting sites to make payments easier for a person. Paytm is widely used here to provide more transparency and trust in the users to make payments and transactions with the betting company and earn more money.


Another very prominently used e-wallet, PhonePe. It is used by a vast majority of users, making its integration with betting sites more seamless and creating a good trust between the customer and the company. PhonePe has excellent integration with betting sites.

Google Pay

Google pay is one of the easiest online wallets to use to make payments for betting sites. It has simple and short steps needed to make payment through google pay. It has become a very active mode of payment in betting sites, saving people’s money. A bonus point is the tie-up of google pay with betting sites, allowing users to avail of cashback and bonus offers on using the betting sites, which can range up to a high amount. 

Bank Transfer

Bank transfer is the most prominent mode of online payment. It used to transact with betting sites and other payments due to direct contact with the banks. Even though it is a lengthy process, it is still the most widely used online payment method in India. With it also the only constant mode of transfer with every betting site. In contrast, some betting sites may not include the UPI payment apps. 


E-wallets like Bank transfers are another constant mode of transfer available everywhere on the internet. You can use it to make payments in the applications and websites mentioned in this article.

The final words

Cricket and IPL Betting is one of the most famous leisure activities to earn some quick cash for a person that involves its own risk. While cricket betting can be used as a good source of money, it is also recommended to keep yourself safe while putting a foot into this industry since it may cause you addiction which may result in catastrophic losses and even cause lethal danger to your health.