Online Cricket Betting in India


Cricket has gained immense popularity worldwide, and during various leagues, fans from all over the world come together as one. Cricket betting in India was traditionally done in various bet houses. However, in recent times, new online betting websites have sprouted. Besides these sites showcase various benefits and options, making it difficult to choose one. 

How does betting work in cricket?

Cricket Betting in India attracts a large community of betters eager to place their wagers. Furthermore the whole betting system is run on trust and knowledge of the game. 

Unquestionably Betting on cricket has become very convenient and easy as one can look through different options for placing the wager.  Furthermore On finding the right option for placing the bet, the bookmaker places the wager.

Furthermore, one can have the option of choosing certain metrics within the game too and markets of in-play betting too. 

What are the famous cricket Bets?

Cricket houses a vast array of bets at your convenience, making Online Cricket Betting in India very popular. So let’s have a look at a few of the bets that are gaining popularity:

  1. Match Betting:

The simplicity of betting seen in Match Betting makes it one of the most popular bets in cricket. Additionally This bet is placed on three options, namely:

  • The home team will succeed 
  • The away team will succeed 
  • Or they will end up in a tie.
  1. Completed Match:

The person placing such a bet will have to decide whether to complete the match on the same day or not by saying yes or no while placing the bet.

  1. Tied Match:

This type of bet is based on the prediction of the person placing the bet. They have to place a decision on whether the match will end up in a tie or not. 

  1. Innings Run

By keeping the number of runs scored in the first inning in mind, the bookmaker places the first inning bet.

The bet is placed according to more or less the number of runs made than the particular number presented. 

Most popular online platform for Cricket Betting

With the increase in popularity of Online Cricket Betting, new platforms are emerging, too, especially for Online Cricket Betting in India. So we have presented some of the famous platforms for Online Cricket Betting:


Undoubtedly MarvelBet aims to offer the best online cricket betting experience by offering its tailor made features that match your passion for the game, which are as follows:

  • Full mobile optimization.
  • Smooth Navigation.

What are the pros and cons of MarvelBet?


  • user-friendly
  • Depositing Money is easy


  • Customer support improvement
  • Limited Promotions.


Crickex is gaining popularity with its live bets and is emerging as reliable for bookmakers. It is specifically for sports and Cricket. Features of Crickex are as follows:

  • In-play betting.
  • Biggest bookmaker in Europe.
  • Variety of sports.

What are the pros and cons held by the cricket betting site, Crickex:


  • Selecting from several options of bet.
  • High odds and confidentiality.


  • Inadequate sport-specific bonuses.
  • Issues in cash-out.


JeetWin is dedicated to making the experience of betting entertaining. It is specifically for cricket and casino. Features of JeetWin are as follows:

  • Live Betting
  • Welcome Bonus
  • Amazing trait of being, user-friendly

What are the Pros and Cons held of JeetWin?


  • Withdrawal of cash is easy.
  • Great Customer support.


  • Inadequate payment options.
  • Non-acceptance of crypto-currencies.


BetVisa is an outstanding site designed specifically for bookmakers in Online Cricket Betting in India. Features of BetVisa are as follows:

  • Convenient payment method.
  • Easy-to-use.
  • Clean and eye-pleasing site.

What are the pros and cons of BetVisa?


  • Generous odds of sports betting
  • Variety of sports betting markets


  • Availability in limited countries
  • No instant cash withdrawal


ICCWIN has emerged as the official sports betting site and specifically for Online Cricket Betting in India. Features of ICCWIN are as follows:

  • Wide sports events line
  • Straightforward
  • Highest odds

What are the pros and cons of ICCWIN?


  • Generous amount of welcome bonus
  • Great quality of customer support


  • Inadequate payment methods
  • It’s a disadvantage for international bookmakers


Without a Doubt BetWinner emerges as an amazing website for sports betting, where one can interact with other bookmakers too. Features of BetWinner are as follows:

  • Wide event selection
  • High odds
  • Individual approach

What are the Pros and Cons of BetWinner?


  • Services of In-play betting.
  • In addition to this, Several methods of payment.


  • Less responsive communication methods.
  • Can add limitations to your account.

The Final Words 

Cricket has gained a large amount of popularity and thus as an online betting sport. Additionally, online cricket sites have become convenient, safe, and uniform platforms are attracting many bookmakers, especially for Cricket Betting in India. They have revolutionized cricket betting and are attracting a stream of bookmakers with their unique features.

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