Cricket Betting Offers 2022


Games are the favorite of the child. Over time the game is evolving into more developed versions and categories. And after outdoor and indoor games, online gaming arrived. In October 1994, a license to regulate online gaming led to the opening of casinos online. It is the fastest growing network, allowing virtual connections and trust building. It also promotes developing skills, betting, and earning money.  The Indian cricket market, from 1984 to 2022, made noise with millions of turnover every year. Likewise, the betting markets are making waves. Here Is Why Cricket betting offers in 2022 are trending. 

Why are Cricket Betting Offers so popular?

There has been a rise in online gamers from 360 million in 2020 to 390 million in 2021. And the Indian gaming market is growing too. Similarly, Cricket Betting Offers 2022 is meeting a global place in India. Different Cricket Betting platforms are growing by collaborating with many associations. And from styling to branding, people are making mad money. IPL auction sessions and the Indian debate market make a buzz for betting. Hence, people can bet from anywhere. Additionally, the betting trends follow in young adults to aged people. 

Cricket betting offers 2022 ranges from the IPL, 20-20 World cups, and Test Matches. The IPL session betting market has risen in numbers because of user demand. In India, cricket is among the top market sports. The latest offering includes Rs. 500 free bets on betting Rs. 5000 weekly. 

Online Cricket Betting Platform with the best betting offers 2022

The popularity of online cricket betting is growing in India and Bangladesh. All the available websites offer many settings, features, and cash back. The summary below discusses the most well-known Cricket Betting promotions of 2022. Moreover, the websites listed mention features for users’ experiences. It’s better to know about features before playing. Each website offers 24/7 live support alongside local bank transfers and withdrawals in Indian currency. 

1. Marvel Bet

Marvel Bet has one of the best cricket betting offers 2022. It offers its customers a never-seen-before experience and user interface. 


  • Marvel Bet is the latest and most popular betting website. 
  • Furthermore, India and Bangladesh make up the majority of its target.
  • It allows a free user exchange ID and INR 300 for new players.


  • It offers Rs. 100 on sign-up. 
  • It adds 5% weekly cashback. And, on depositing Rs. 500, you get 1500 back. 
  • The cash Rebate is 1.2% on slots. 
  • Set up your real account to avail benefits. Moreover, setting up a real account requires your pictures, names, and bank account details. 

2. Crickex

An app with multiple gaming options, Crickex surely makes a great choice for its users. It has a simple layout in addition to multiple games.


  • Crickex is an online cricket betting app published by Asadello 12 Apps.
  • And, it is available on the android platform. 
  • Once you visit the website, you have to download the app and register. 
  • After registration you can pay through UPI/Paytm.


  • Crickex offers one lakh to its partnership members. 
  • Additionally, Referral works for Rs. 200 on referring a friend.
  • Moreover, cash back rewards on special occasions add more benefits.

3. JeetWin

This newbie cricket betting app has seen huge successes among its audiences. Available for India and Bangladesh, this also has a lot of unique games on board. 


  • Sky Infotech Ltd. launched Jeetwin in 2017 for Indian users. 
  • It offers games like Slot machines, Roulette, Andar Bahar, Baccarat, and Live Casino. 
  • Curacao bears its trademark and has headquarters in Belize City, Belize. 


  • It offers bonuses and cash rewards such as a cash bonus of up to INR 20,000. 
  • And the available offers are 90%+ sign-up bonuses and free spins.
  • Also, it has 900+ games, from Sports betting, Cricket Exchange to Live Casino. And Online Slots and E-games as well. 
  • It supports iOS and android apps.

4. BetVisa

BetVisa focuses more on the customer experience than any other app. And hence, their customer satisfaction level has always been high.


  • Betvisa is an online gambling app made for Indian market sites.
  • The app also accepts payment methods like USDT, Paytm, IMPS, and Indian bank transfers. 
  • Besides, it also offers reliable experiences. 


  • It includes benefits of 200+ bonuses on sign-up and free spins.
  • This app also gives a 1.2% cash rebate and referral cash rewards. 
  • It also gives free money bonuses and weekly cashbacks.

5. ICCWin

This app also ventures into providing a top-notch user experience. They have a fun layout and interactive bet placing interface. 


  • ICCWIN is an online gaming platform available for India and Bangladesh. 
  • This app supports gaming brands like Sports Exchange, Sportsbook, Live Casino and Virtual Casino. 
  • ICCWIN is available on Mobile, PC and Laptop. 


  • Moreover, it provides an easy user interface.
  • It offers 50% bonus on live casinos and affiliate partnership on winning. 
  • It also gives 5% weekly cashback and an unlimited referral bonus. 


  • We need to be aware of the methods and security of any gaming website. 
  • Cricket-betting gaming websites are the biggest market. 
  • They cover every corner of the globe.
  • But, if you are betting, check reviews and suggestions. It is for your own risk and future development. 
  • Apart from having fun playing games, one should be able to manage daily work. 
  • Cricket is the flavor of the Indian audience. 
  • The efforts of the players maintain websites. Likewise, the growing market opens new games every year. 

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