E-soccer Betting – An Alternative To Betting On Real Soccer?

E-soccer betting is very similar to betting on an authentic soccer game. The bets are placed on a virtual soccer game. The simulation is almost identical to that of a real soccer game. The virtual soccer games can be played as a team, in doubles, or individually. The rules of FIFA are followed in the E-soccer games. So if a person wants to bet on an E-soccer game, they need to understand the regular rules and regulations of soccer. The only significant difference between E-soccer and regular soccer is that the match duration is minimal in E-soccer compared to authentic soccer. This creates a massive advantage for any sports better as they get to bet on short periods. They can even bet on multiple E-soccer games within a few hours. The bookmakers even broadcast specific E-soccer matches on their websites.

The betters will get the result within a few minutes and can prepare their best for the following games. There are numerous e-sports channels on platforms such as youtube and twitch where the betters can watch live E-soccer matches. E-sports betting is multiplying in this generation of digitalization. The world is shifting more towards virtual reality. E-sports betting will be as famous as regular sports betting in the upcoming years.

Some of the sites that allow its users to indulge in E-sports or E-soccer betting are the following- 


GGBet is one of the most popular websites allowing users to indulge in e-sports betting. Users can bet on games such as FIFA, valorant, counterstrike, NBA, and many more. These games are usually played in teams by individuals. GGbets also provide a great bonus on signing up. It has a variety of rewards such as cash backs and merchandise for popular e-sports teams. Many global e-sports tournaments take place. Users can place bets on those tournaments and win great prizes through GGbets. GGbets promote e-sports and E-soccer betting, allowing users a very comfortable experience. The website is completely safe and authentic, and any betting enthusiast can place their bets and win money through GGbets. GGbets provides 100% returns on match deposit bonus on your first bet.


Duelbits is a user-friendly online betting website allowing users to bet in E-sports. It also has online casinos and other slot games that the users can enjoy. One of the most striking features of duelbits is that it accepts payments in the form of cryptocurrencies. Duelbits also live streams all its E-sports, and E-soccer matches online so users can enjoy the games. Duelbits offer 50% cash back on the first bet made after signing up for the website. The live casinos and slots of Duelbist also provide great offers. E-sports betting is the future, and many people are indulging in it. However, one should be very careful as e-sports betting can be addictive.


Thunderpick is one of the uprising websites in the field of e-sports betting. It accepts all kinds of payments, such as credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, and cryptocurrencies. Thunderpick also provides a joining bonus of up to 200 euros. It allows users to bet on significant e-sports events such as ESL, FIFA, and other global e-sports tournaments. Thunderpick provides its users with daily login rewards as well. The site is safe and authentic, so betting enthusiasts can enjoy betting without worries. Thuderpick also has a subscription system that provides various additional perks to its buyers. Thuderpick is one of the safest and rising websites in the field of E-soccer.


Cyberbet is one of the market’s most trusted and popular betting sites. It has various certifications, so it is entirely authentic and safe. Cyberbet allows its users to bet in regular as well as e-sports. E-sports betting has gained massive popularity in recent times. Most individuals enjoy betting on E-soccer and earning exciting prizes. Cyberbet also has its live streaming service where the users can enjoy all kinds of sports. Cyberbet allows its user to bet on all global e-sports events. It covers games such as FIFA, valorant, counterstrike, and many more. One can easily bet and win rewards on Cyberbet.


It is a relatively new website that allows users to bet on regular sports and e-sports. Midnite is providing a joining bonus of 20 euros to any new users. The only criteria for signing up for midnite is that the user must be above 18. It is a UK-based website and offers great returns to its users on bets. Any betting enthusiast will have a great time on midnite.