How To Play Baccarat Game Online?


Baccarat is one of the oldest gambling games in the world. It is said that it was introduced when Charles VIII ruled, reached its peak in the country in the 1800s, and soon claimed fame worldwide. With the growing popularity of online gambling, gambling enthusiasts can now bet and play from the comfort of their homes. Baccarat games online are one such amusement. Lets discuss how to play and win baccarat game online in this blog.

What is Baccarat?

Baccarat, in simple terms, is a card game in which the Player has to score maximum points (out of 9) with 2 to 3 cards. Three versions of this game are known- 

  1. Punto Banco (North American Baccarat) –
  2. Chemin de Fer Baccarat 
  3. Baccarat Banque (Baccarat deux tables)

The differentiating factor is that, unlike punto banco, in the other two versions, the players have to opt and be the banker. But 5% commission goes to the casino for providing.

The main idea of Baccarat is betting on who you think will score the maximum points – the Player, the banker, or on a tie (tie bet is only possible in punto banco since it is the simplified variant).

In India, Super Pan 9 and Three Card Baccarat are also some famous alternatives to the standard versions of the baccarat game online.

How to play the Baccarat game online?

Today, Baccarat is a highly simplified game and not so tough to understand, even for beginners. These are some steps to playing baccarat game online– 

Register yourself at an online platform/casino

Bwin, 22Bet, and bet winners are some of the few recommended online casinos for the game, with many rich tables for Baccarat games online.

Understand the game of Baccarat

One needs to be thorough with the rules and steps of the game to enjoy it. A baccarat game online goes as follows.

Betting on either of the two hands 

Before the cards are dealt, one can either bet on the Player’s win or the banker’s win. The winner is the one who scores closer to 9. In the case of punto banco, winning in a tie is an option but not recommended due to the appalling odds.

Dealing of cards

Typically, two cards are dealt to both banker and Player in the first round. Player first. Two cards are put in, face up, in the box belonging to the Player. Then two cards are put in the banker’s box face up.

Calculating Score 

Tens and face cards are zero points, points of 2-9 equal the number itself, and aces are one point. In case of a value higher than 9, the second digit of the double-digit number is considered. For example – 9+4 = 13; therefore one has 3 points.  

Drawing the third card 

The requirement of a third card is always determined for the Player first. The Player stands on 6/7; above that, no additional cards. If they score between 0 and 5, a third card is allotted. Although, if the banker scored 8/9, it would be a natural win in favor of the banker.

NATURAL WIN is a situation in which either the Player or the banker gets an 8 or 9 score, and no third card is drawn.

  • In the banker’s case, the allotment of a third card depends a little on the Player’s points.
  • If the third card by the Player is 8, and the banker has 0-2, then they draw, and on 6/7, the banker stays.
  • The 3rd card by the Player is 6-7, and the banker has 0-6 – they draw, and they stay with 7.
  • If the third card by the Player is 4-5, then the banker with 0-5 draws and with 6-7 stays.
  • If the third card by the Player is 2-3, then the banker draws with 0-4 and stays with 5-7
  • And in the case of 9, 10, face cards, and aces, if the banker has 0-3, they draw, and they stay with a 4-7.                                                                                                                 
  1. Determining the winner 

Now that all the cards are dealt with, one can calculate the score and figure out which is the winning hand – Player or banker. 

The Final Words

Baccarat game online is an easy and fun game when played with caution. One should be safe and avoid extreme addiction. Other than that, a few tips help the Player go ahead in the game – for example, not betting on a tie and giving priority to the Player (since betting on a banker will mean you have to pay a 5% commission fee), checking the odds and fees, etc.

The game is highly recommended as a pastime to test and enhance your gambling skills and experiment with money (to a limit, of course).

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