IPL 2023 Playoffs race: Which four teams have the best chance of qualifying?

The thrilling tournament is coming to an end and now the question is who is going to qualify for playoffs. Out of 10 teams, 8 teams still have the chance to be in the IPL 2023 playoffs race. However, in this blog, we are going to analyze which four teams have the best chance of qualifying for the playoff race. Moreover, since the start of the tournament Delhi Capitals was on the bottom of the points table. They lost to Punjab Kings on Sunday and they are the first team who is out of the playoffs race. Furthermore, Gujarat Titans and Chennai Super Kings are table toppers so there is no doubt in their qualification for playoffs. 

Total of 11 matches left in IPL 2023. As we know that two teams have already secured their spot in playoffs the whole fight will be for the next two spots. Below we will see which two will have a higher chance to get into the IPL 2023 Playoffs race. 

Team Wise Analysis of IPL 2023 Playoffs Race

Gujarat Titans 

Gujarat Titans is the table topper. However, even though the team will lose matches the team will still be in the top four. If you will go through their points and net run rate the lowest they can finish is on third spot. Moreover, theoretically, it is possible that they can lose the third spot but the chances are very low. 

Chennai Super Kings

CSK was also a confirmed team to finish in the top four spots. They are in the second spot with 15 points. However, CSK lost the 61st IPL match against KKR. Now if they lose again to the Delhi Capitals then CSK might get out of the playoffs race. 

Mumbai Indians 

Mumbai Indians is at number three on the points table. However, to confirm their spot in the IPL 2023 Playoffs race Mumbai Indians have to win one of the remaining two matches. CSK lost the match against KKR. Even if CSK wins the next match CSK will have 17 points. On the other hand, if MI beats LSG and SRH then MI will have 18 points and can secure a second spot on the points table. 

Lucknow Super Giants

LSG secured the fourth spot after winning a match against SRH. Moreover, on 16th May LSG is going to play against Mumbai Indians. If LSG manages to win this match then they have a chance to play against Gujarat Titans and Chennai Super Kings for the second spot. Moreover, it depends on how those two teams perform in their last match. The only advantage that LSG has is its Net Run Rate which is +0.309. 

Rajasthan Royals 

Currently, RR is at number six on the points table. However, they lost the chance to be in the playoffs after a loss against RCB. Now Rajasthan Royals have only one game left in the series. Moreover, RR has 12 points on the points table. RR will only get the spot in playoffs if they win their last game against PBKS and KKR lose their two games. 

Punjab Kings 

Punjab Kings is at number 8 on the points table with a Net Run Rate of -0.268. Moreover, Punjab Kings will play two matches against DC and RR. Furthermore, RR and PBKS have the same points. Both teams will try hard to win the match. If PBKS will win both matches with a good NRR then only they can qualify for the next round. 

Royal Challengers Bangalore 

RCB is at number five on the points table with 12 points. Moreover, RCB will be left with two matches in the series. But the chances are very rare for RCB to secure a spot in the Playoffs race. Even if RCB wins two matches they have to depend on the result of other teams. 

Kolkata Knight Riders 

KKR is on the seventh number with 12 points on the points table. Moreover, they have to win their next match against LSG. Even if they manage to win the match, the road to get into the playoffs race is not easy for KKR. They have to rely on the results of other teams. 

Sunrisers Hyderabad 

SRH is at the 9th spot on the points table. Moreover, the option to get into playoffs has also closed for SRH. 

Delhi Capitals 

Since the start of the IPL 2023 Delhi Capitals have been in the last position. However, Delhi Capitals don’t have any chance of getting into the playoffs. They are ruled out of the race.