Live Cricket Betting in 2022

India is a place where all love cricket. The whole country loves watching cricket, IPL tournaments, and more. Many people are associated with cricket and looking for a way to make money. Cricket betting is perfect for them. They can use their knowledge of cricket and cricket betting to gain money and enjoy their time. Lets discuss live cricket betting in India in this blog.

How does betting work in cricket? 

In cricket, betting can work under different aspects. You can either bet on over/under score, wherein you bet on a player and how much they will score in a match, whether over or under the fixed amount. Bets are available for a fixed team also. They can bet on cricket players also, like batsmen and bowlers, as to how many scores they will record or how many wickets, etc. 

How to bet on live cricket online?

Digitally Betting on cricket is a simple procedure. All you need to do is follow a few steps, complete a few details, and you are in. The first step is to register. You will need to fill in all your details, including your bank account details, document for verification of your identity, etc. Once your account is created and registered, the next step is to look at the different bets available and place your bet. Remember to place only those bets you are most sure of, and of course, the more the odds, the higher the risk. 

Most Popular Apps for Live Cricket betting

1. MarvelBet

MarvelBet is one of the most famous online gambling casinos in India. It involves playing poker games and betting on sports. There is a spectacular array of games offered. 


  1. Confidential and secure information
  2. Players of legal age
  3. Verified users only 


  1. Live to stream
  2. Fair gaming systems


  1. No customer support through telephone
  2. Limited payment methods

2. Crickex

Crickex is the most commonly used platform in India concerned with sports betting. The experiences users have on these platforms are never forgotten!


  1. Verified gaming systems
  2. Fair rules and regulations
  3. Responsible gaming ethics


  1. Confidential personal information sources
  2. The latest technology leads to easy betting.


  1. Time-consuming customer support
  2. Difficult transactions

3. JeetWin

JeetWin is another one of the most famous digital casinos, including betting on various sports. Its tech company is based in India. Its wide arena of games makes the platform even more interesting, which provides for Fan Tan, Dragon Tiger, etc. 


  1. Certified gaming system
  2. Supported by game providers like Microgaming, playNGo, etc
  3. Available as a mobile app also


  1. Live to stream
  2. Legal age


  1. Available in only India
  2. No confirmation of confidential personal information from infiltration of other third-party sources

4. BetVisa

BetVisa is an online platform with various types of betting games. It is one of the platforms loved most by people. 


  1. Gaming License
  2. 24X7 Customer Support
  3. Lotteries available with immediate transactions
  1. Customer support through telephone
  2. Safe gaming
  1. Limited payment methods
  2. Late replies for transactions at times

5. ICCWin

ICCWin is one of India’s most prominent live cricket betting and casino platforms. It is one of the top five go-to places for people to place their best bet to win money. 


  1. All in one place with a lottery, sports, and casinos
  2. Many interesting promotions are available
  3. Strict rules for gaming of legal age
  1. Verified random number generator (RNC)
  2. Mobile applications available
  1. Limited options for customer support
  2. Late actions with third-party infiltration

The Final Words

All in all, India is a place where cricket is practically worshiped, and thousands of fans love to place bets on their favorite players and teams in each cricket season. The fans arrive at various online or offline betting platforms and place bets carefully, considering their knowledge and experience. Many platforms have pros and cons; a person needs to be careful while submitting their details to sites and choose one very carefully. They could fall into a huge debt by their carelessness. Players should also be cautious that they do not form any addiction!