Online Football Sports Betting Odds


Football is the emerging sport that is being loved by many across the country. While the world is crazy about this sport, India has also started to see a bright future for football in the coming years just like cricket. This sport involves a match between two teams of 11 players. Each match has a lot of enticing twists and turns with rules and regulations so tough that it tends to keep you on the edge of your seat for the next one and half hours. Accordingly, people’s interest in football betting has also started to emerge quickly. In this article we will discuss about some football betting tips and Online Football Betting Odds we are offered¬†

How does betting work in football?

Football betting can be an interesting sport to invest your money in if performed with proper football betting tips. It is equally risky since estimating the outcomes in this sport is a little more complex than they are in cricket. Football betting provides you with multiple aspects to invest your money in, giving you multiple chances to win money. The only prerequisite is that you must be well versed in the fundamentals of football and how to invest money in this sports betting. Usually, the bets are based on the points the team earns in the match, be it on any side, which can be pretty uncertain, so investing your money wisely into the bets is recommended.

What are the famous football bets?

One can indulge in multiple bets to earn money when betting on football. Still, a few popular football bets also involve nice options.

Straight Bets

It is the most common type of bet in the world of football betting, which is based on the chosen team, point spread, refers to the points a team is expected to win or lose by and the amount of money you will raise as a wager. This type of bet works on the fundamentals of 10/11 odds, where if you win, you will get the 11 you raised as a wager and ten as the expected sum of money you expect to win off it.

Moneyline Bets

Moneyline bets are the easiest form of betting odds in the world of football or any sorts of betting, with also being the most popular where you invest your money in the speculated winner of the match according to you. If the team you have put your money on wins the match, you win the amount of money you have put into the bet. 

Half Bets

Half bets work like straight bets with only one difference in half bets. You invest your money per half of the game, either on the score of the first half or the match’s score at the end before the second half.

Over/Under Bets

This bet is also very simple where you bet on the score of the match, which is estimated to be either over or under the amount of score you set and if the estimation turns out to be correct, you win the bet money. This bet works on 11/10 odds.

Most popular online platform for football betting 


MarvelBet is one of the most famous and active betting sites that has even sponsored many major sports events and is a reliable site for football betting

  • Pros
    • Competitive odds
    • Extensive betting features
  • Cons
    • Lack of casino slots
    • No virtual sports availability


Crickex is another strong contender in the football betting industry that offers a vast variety of betting specialties to stand out. 

  • Pros
    • Offers betting options for almost every European football league.
    • Betting margins are fair and profitable.
  • Cons
    • Betting margins on American football are relatively on the higher side.
    • Lack of exciting offers


JeetWin is probably the most famous and oldest betting giant in the market and hence knows the market well to provide the customers with what they need.

  • Pros
    • Massive range of market
    • Reliable user interface
  • Cons
    • Limitation of accumulators up to 14 legs.
    • Lose coverage


BetVisa is yet another reliable source for betting available in the market for the user to indulge in betting.

  • Pros
    • Quick withdrawals
    • Support of cryptocurrencies
  • Cons
    • No free spin for crypto accounts
    • Slower deposits


ICCWIN is a modern online sportsbook for betting with casino features freshly launched in 2018 to target and coupe up with the audience of the new era.

  • Pros
    • Live chat support
    • Bet slip sale for cash out
  • Cons
    • Weakly responsive communication methods


Fun88 is a sports betting site with exciting bonus offers that can help you with cash inflow for betting on this site.

  • Pros
  • Easy to use
  • Great payment options
  • Cons
    • No live streaming support

Final words

To conclude, we can say that sports betting is an exciting way to earn quick money for fast requirements. But it should not be seen as the prime source of money for your household since this is a risky territory where losses could lead to catastrophic results. So one should enter the sports betting industry with some cautions and prerequisites and sustain by using your brain at all times.