The 7 Most Popular Cricket Bets


Cricket has one of the biggest fan followings in the world, making it very popular. And so are the betting platforms if they allow cricket betting. Most cricket betting styles and types have gained fame thanks to the basic outcomes of winning, losing, or a draw. Lets discuss The 7 Most Popular Cricket Bets

How does betting work in cricket? 

Betting over sports outcomes has long been a tradition people enjoyed and even profited from. However, this English stirred an air of freshness when people noticed there could be different types of betting. Popular cricket bets often included having a score fixed and the closest guesser to be declared the winner. But cricket made instant results available. You can have bets set on a player being the top batsman or the man of the match or having a say on whether the match will end the same day or not–all these are options available under popular sports betting platforms. 

7 Most Popular Cricket Bets 

Cricket has a whopping 2.5 billion fan-following worldwide, growing its sports betting base. The credit for this is shared with the fact that cricket offers different types of matches, namely such as Twenty20, One Day Internationals, and Test matches. Each of these has a specified length and pace to play in. Additionally, bets are available with in-play options that allow users to place bets while in the middle of the game. These factors have led to a diversification of chances, some of which are listed below. 

1. Win Toss

This bet is placed on the results of flipping a coin which helps the captain choose to bat or bowl. Many people wager their funds with the odds in mind, others find it fun to try. Since predicting a toss result can be anxiety-inducing for some, they pick this type of sports betting, still bearing in mind the 50-50 chance. 

2. Odd/Even Runs

Just as the name suggests, the condition here is to try and make a wager on a team’s runs to have an odd or even number in the end. This might sound vague for many people but, at times, becomes extremely competitive. It is considered even if the team has a zero in one’s position.

3. Top Batsman 

This type of bet offers you the choice to base it on the whole match or the entire series. The top batsman of the match/series can either be bet upon from only one team, or you could be active in wagering over the other team members. Usually, people like to know about the overall performance before beginning the bet. 

4. Match Scores 

Its namesake, here you attempt to predict a team’s total score in a single match. In most cases, people have to wait to see the basic performance and scoring of the team to base their judgments on it and determine the end score they have to bet on. This is not much of a tough notch but surely tricky to calculate. 

5. Player of the Series 

‘Player of the Series is a title given to the best performing player in the entirety of the series, spanning consistent effort in all matches. This is essentially hard to put your finger down to, but the challenge is what makes it worthwhile. One’s judgment needs to be clear to achieve clear results. 

6. Man of the Match 

Very similar to the ‘Player of the Series title, a ‘Man of the Match’ is relatively easier to bet on. The best player in a single match is considered and handed the honor. In such areas, the experience becomes the key factor in knowing the player and wage according to their performance. The Man of the Match is awarded much recognition. 

7. Over/Under Totals

These bets let you apply your judgment and bet on if the combined score of the teams when the match ends will be more or less than what the bookie originally placed the bet on. This is sometimes available between the matches, while other times, you might have it offered before the match begins. 

The Final Words  

Amidst the various popular sports betting types, cricket has grown a massive audience given its diverse titles and elements on which to base your money. Cricket has profited majorly based on traditional and online betting. Moreover, the audience stays intrigued with the different matches like T20s, One-Day matches, and test series. All of it has expanded sports betting.