Kabaddi and Pro Kabaddi League Betting

Kabaddi and Pro Kabaddi League Betting


Initiated during the 18th Century by the British, one of the boons gifted to India was the beginning of sports. Starting as a model for entertainment for the royal families, India has seen the evolution of sports from mere gilli-danda to the International level. From simple board games to intellectual games like chess, India has participated and secured victory in many games in the World Cup, Asian Trophy, and Olympics. Some popular sports in India include cricket, hockey, golf, Kabaddi, and football, among many others. Lets discuss about Pro Kabaddi League Betting

Introduction to Kabaddi 

Primarily introduced in the prehistoric age to improve the agility and strength of the men, Kabaddi has come a long way by paving its way into the International field as well. The game tests and improves the players’ reflexes for defence and speed, along with a strength test. With the right strategy, a team can win over its opponent easily. The constant efforts of the All India Kabaddi Federation have helped this game achieve a vast fan base by conducting various state and national level tournaments.

Pro Kabaddi League

Alongside many people cheering for cricket, Kabaddi also has a supreme fan base in India. Launched in 2014, the Pro Kabaddi League is modelled after the famous Indian Premier League. The game has a similar structure to the IPL and has gained immense support from metropolitans and rural India. The large-scale acceptance of the Kabaddi tournament at the Asian Games of 2006 initiated the formation of the Pro Kabaddi League with eight teams. But again, in 2017, four more teams were added, making it to 12 teams competing against each other.

Indian Market on Sports Betting 

Gambling has existed in India since time immemorial, and now, with advanced technology and internet availability, it has taken a new form of betting on games. The online betting markets have seen a rise in recent years, be it in cricket, badminton, or Kabaddi. With new betting applications emerging, reports suggest the betting on games industry has a growth rate of 40%, worth about $2.8 billion by the end of 2022! Further, the legalisation of betting on games by the Law Commission of India in 2018 has induced the growth of this industry. 

The convenience of betting from the comfort of one’s house with the use of the readily available internet on smartphones has influenced mainly the middle-class to engage in this industry. Matches like the Indian Premier League and World Cups have witnessed gambling on a global level. Alongside, many other games like hockey, Kabaddi, tennis, badminton, etc., also have fan bases indulging in the betting.

How does betting work in Kabaddi?

With the popularity of Kabaddi matching that of cricket, betting is also held on cricket and Kabaddi. The Pro Kabaddi League is designed after the famous Indian Premier League; hence, betting on the matches is similar to that of IPL. Tournaments like Vivo Pro Kabaddi League, Super Kabaddi League, and Kabaddi World Cup allow viewers to bet on the team they feel are likely to win the match. Player needs to link the bank account to deposit a sum of money after registration.

After looking and evaluating the odds of the team playing the match, the person can bet on any team he feels has a chance to win. While the teams from each state strive to win the trophy, viewers can earn rewards by betting on the teams playing, and with successful prediction, both the team and the bettor emerge victorious.

Why are Pro Kabaddi league bets so popular?

Starting as a rural game, Pro Kabaddi League has surpassed the viewers of many other sports prevalent in India. Specific reasons have led to the more popularity of Kabaddi than any other game, and they are as follows-

  1. Being a game originated from the grass-root level and played by almost all Indians, people can connect more to the game, thereby increasing the number of people watching and betting on it.
  2. The teams owned by various Bollywood stars have an extra impact on the viewers who get drawn to the game. And like to bet to see their teams and favourite stars winning.
  3. The betting modes and betting sites available for the Pro Kabaddi League. They are easy to use and understand by almost all sections of people. Further, the deposits and withdrawal of payments in INR have facilitated people’s betting.
  4. As the Kabaddi athletes engage in brand advertising, people can associate more likely with Kabaddi, thereby increasing the betting statistics on Kabaddi. 
  5. The easy-to-understand rules of the game make it immensely popular among the rural masses and the metropolitans.

What are the various betting types of Pro Kabaddi League betting?

Betting itself can be tricky, but with proper knowledge and analysis of trends, one can easily win the bets. Here, in Pro Kabaddi League, one can bet on

  1. Individual players– If the bettor feels that the particular player can outplay all other contestants and has the odds on his side, the bettor can place the bet on the player and wait till the end of the match to see if the prediction was correct.
  2. Teams– Allegiance to particular groups is the core of any tournament. Hence, with the analysis of the track record and performance of the teams, bets can be placed on one of the two teams playing a match. It gives a chance to bet on every match day or to just bet on one team throughout the tournament.
  3. Live to bet– Unlike the previous ones where bets are placed before the match, live bettings are done while the match is on a roll. With subsequent actions unfolding with time, one can bet on the team with a proper understanding of each team’s strategies.

Best Pro Kabaddi League Betting Sites in India

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It is one of the certified gambling sites that is regulated by Crickex, which is a member of the Curacao Gaming Commission. Crickex was launched in the year 2019 has a base of customers that includes India as well as Bangladesh. Betting options are available for casino games, cricket as well as football Kabaddi and more. With constant improvements to their user experience, this website has reached new heights in the betting market online. It is accessible on all smartphones that is connected to a secure internet. It allows individuals to bet on a variety of financial transactions using Paytm and UPI. And as well as prohibits the betting on larger amounts of money , as regulated by the laws of the country. With a simple registration, one can easily bet on various matches now.


Besides being available for laptops and PCs, Jeetwin, launched in 2017. It is available on tablets or any smartphone without compromising gaming quality and user experience. With a different interface containing the same essence of the game, Jeetwin works fine on all smart devices. Indeed It is popular Curacao-certified Indian betting sites. It provides an excellent platform for players who want to experience the casino life and bet on games from the comfort of home. With safety protocols and privacy checks, the site offers a safe arena for people from various regions to come together. And compete in the virtual space. Having a wide range of new games, players have a greater chance of winning by selecting the game that suits their skills.


Initially started with a small client base only for fewer casino games, BetVisa has now achieved a large size by accommodating various exciting games and online betting. Easy to register, this site has its application which can be run on any android phone, ios, or desktop. From providing top-quality security to its customers , to providing a secure gateway for the payment of withdrawals and deposits, BetVisa conducts betting on games such as cricket, football tennis, badminton, tennis Kabaddi etc. With a huge base of loyal players who hail from India, BetVisa has made online gambling and casino games accessible to Indians from the comfort at their home.

What are the best methods to pay for sports betting in India?


Founded in 2010, this is one of the best apps for fast online transactions, recharge, bill payments, etc. Widely accepted by almost all Indian and international platforms, Paytm is a safe method to pay for online betting

Phone Pe- 

Similar to Paytm, Phone Pe can be linked with the bank account, and then online transactions become easy. Because we can do transactions by either scanning the QR code or sending money through the UPI ID.

Google Pay- 

This digital wallet, curated and maintained by Google, is one of the safest online transaction methods. Further, with cashback and other rewards on each transaction, the most trusted application by Indians is Google Pay.

Bank Transfer-

 This is the most traditional process of money transferring that has sustained itself to date. The safest way to transfer any money to any platform or account is through a bank transfer. Because the availability of this facility is even to people who are not equipped with modern technological knowledge.


This pre-paid service is a digital wallet where one can store their money for future transactions. It’s not required for an account with a bank to connect to the account. Thereby making it less susceptible to theft of money.

Final Words

As the market for online betting continues to grow, young people are more involved in sports. This helps the industry of sports to expand exponentially. It is not just that betting on Kabaddi Pro League beneficial to the growth of the economy according to numerous research reports however, it has significantly contributed to Kabaddi increase its standing from that as a minor league to one of national significance. Thanks to the rise of betting websites, people are more involved in the game. And winning bets is not only gives them satisfaction but also the players are able to benefit due to the increasing popularity of betting.

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