The terms and conditions of the agreement mentioned here will initiate and control the rules and conditions of the user’s activity with all the pages of the websites that have been remarked, and any direct interim products and/or services thereof.  Irrespective of nationality these terms and conditions will be applicable to all the visitors visiting the mentioned websites. The user is legally bound by these terms agreeing to use the website or any of its’s web pages at any course of action and the user is granted an approach to this website or any of its’s web pages only under the conditions that they must obey these terms of use while the visitors are on the website or any of its’s web pages. The terms and conditions of MVB247 are on full disclosure, which means no revelation, as seen on this page, and the user is motivated to go through them.

Amendments of terms and conditions-

We hold the right to review and analyze the terms and conditions and modify and reform the terms and conditions from time to time to take into account changes in our operation or technology, and/or accommodate any to-the-point new laws and/or changes to existing laws. Immediate effects could be seen when and as there will be an update in the terms and conditions. The most up-to-date recent version of terms of use will be regulated by the user when the user will be engaged with this website or any of its’s website pages. Supposing that if a user continues to use or access the website, they are assent to all such revisions made for the terms and conditions. There will always be an update date attached at the end of this page which will specify the date on which the last of such revisions had been made.

Age-restricted Content-

The user must be aware that our website or any of its’s web pages may concern subject matters that may be considered or contemplate inappropriate and unsuitable for the user and audience under the age of 18, as regarded by specific legislation. The user must be at least of 18 years age or more than that in order to get engaged and capture the contents of this website or any of its’s website pages. By gaining access to this website, the user represents authorization and official documents that prove that they are at least 18 years old or more than 18 years old. 

The license of personal use-

According to the subject terms and conditions, which have been mentioned on this page, the user has been granted a license that will help the user to interact and work on with and use the content of this website. It should be noted and kept in mind that however,  this license is solely and simple for the personal use of the user. Any form of commercial usage of content from this website is not permitted and allowed unless with the documented express consent and authorization of MVB247.

User-generated content-

The user is been allowed by our website to come up with and store information in the shape of texts, under the following prerequisites:

  1. MVB247 holds no legal responsibility in terms of civility, legality, legitimacy, or appropriateness of user-added content, and all these such responsibilities of the content belong to the user. 
  2. The user solely and only owns the content. It does not contain material that is copyright of any person, user, or any entity that does not allow or permit reproduction of said material and is not in contravention of the privacy rights and/or publicity rights of any person, user, or entity.
  3. The website and any of its web pages hold the right to use, redistribute, reproduce, and publicly display any user-generated content added to the website, or outright remove it.
  4.  The website also gives the permit to any and all users to view the comment and reserves the right to reproduce and redistribute its content in their own direction and ways.

External Reference-

There may occur a few cases in which the website will refer to other links (i.e., contains which will be direct to the links)to the other websites. MVB247 is not endorsed, sponsored, implicitly, or approved by these websites or the users, entity(s), and neither it is affiliated nor associated with them directly or indirectly unless specifically declared on our website. It will be considered as the user’s willingness and discretion if one enters an external website from such references. The website does not assume legal, responsibility or otherwise, for the content that does not belong to the website and belongs to the referred websites or any third party involved; this involves liability for the action, products, or affiliated with said external websites.

Limitation of liability-

MVB247, its directors, partners, or employees are not liable for any direct or indirect damage to the user or any third party consequent from the user’s interactions with or usage of the website and its contents, including financial losses, loss of data, or goodwill impairment.

Contacting us-

If you wish to contact us and talk over regarding terms and conditions that have been mentioned and updated here, you can write us at mvb247@info.com

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