The Best Cricket Betting Strategy that Actually Work

Cricket Is Well-Known Throughout The Globe; some find a way to make a living. Cricket Betting was Done Through Bookies, But Now It Can Be Done Online. Punters Have Worked On The Best Cricket Betting Strategy To Increase Their Chances You’ll find the most effective strategies in this article.

How Effective Are Cricket Betting Strategies?

Cricket Betting Strategies Are Not Simple; One Must Know The Mathematical Or Game-Related Strategy To Have The Best Cricket Betting Strategy. Cricket Betting Can Be Done In Different Ways Like Team Side Bets, In-Play Bets, Straight Bets, Etc., The Process Involves Placing Multiple Bets On A Single Ticket. For Instance, One Can Split Their Bets Between Teams Or Players To Increase Their Chances Of Winning. Other Ways Involve Placing Bets On Top Batsmen Or Bowlers.

Top Four Types Of Cricket Betting Strategy

The Mathematical Strategy Focuses On Odds Chosen And Combinations. This Category Includes Flat Betting And The Martingale Strategy. Game-Related Strategy Is More Qualitative And Requires Skills And Knowledge To Predict Outcomes.

1.   Dogon Betting

This Is The Most Popular Cricket Betting Strategy For Newcomers. It involves Increasing The Amount You Bet After Every Loss Wipe, Recovering The Money Lost In Previous Bets. This Technique Involves Different Forms. Beware of this Method.

For Example, If You Bet Rs50 In The First Match And Lose, Then In The Next Game, You Place Double The First Bet, Rs 100, To Recover Your Previous Loss.

2.      Flat Betting

This Strategy Is Based On The Bankroll Percentage Specification Where Punters Place The Wager Equal To The Percentage, Also Known As Flat Bets. The best cricket betting strategy for reducing risks and allowing for occasional mistakes is flat betting, which comes in four types :

  • The Academic Bet-3-5% Of Bankroll
  •  The Aggressive Bet-6-10%
  • The Chaotic Bet- More Than 10%
  • The Statistic-1-2%

Most Punters Find The Academic Bet Strategy The Most Reasonable As You Can Place 3% On The Games With Uncertain Outcomes And 5% On The Low-Risk Ones.

3.      Percentage Of Bank Strategy

Just As The Previous One, This Also Involves Bet Percentage Specification Of The Entire Deposit. If You Have A Deposit In An Online Betting Site Or Casino, While Placing The Bet, You Can Specify The Percentage Of The Deposit You Want To Use For Betting. One of the best cricket betting strategies for minimizing losses from erroneous bets is to use this. What Makes This Different From Flat Betting Is That This Involves A Fixed Amount From Which The Bet Percentage Is Deducted.

For Example, If You Have Rs.20000 In Your Deposit On An Online Casino And Want To Bet Rs 2000, Specify That Each Bet Is 10% Of The Deposit. 

4.      The Martingale Strategy

This Is A Dicey And Interesting Strategy. The Dogon betting strategy is modified in this way. And Like The Dogon, This Is Also A Mathematical Strategy. You Are Considering Two Outcomes, 1 And 2. Your Bet Hoping For 1, But You Get Outcome 2, Leading To Losing The First Bet. Your Bet Double The First Time For 1, Hoping To Recover The Loss But Losing Again As The Outcome Is 2. The Third Time You Place The Bet With The Desired Amount, Hoping To Make A Profit. This Is The Best Cricket Betting Strategy For Under/Over Bets.


Cricket Betting Is Equally Fun, Profitable, And Risky At The Same Time. New punters become too excited and leap without understanding the risks and strategies involved. Supporting Your Favorite Player Or Team Is Okay, But One Must Be Strategic And Unbiased While Placing Bets. Punters Must Check Live Cricket Websites To Stay Updated On The Live Scores, So They Don’t Make Mistakes While Betting. 

Your chances of winning in the future will rise if you keep track of your past wagers. Before placing high-risk bets, seasoned gamblers advise beginners to go slowly and steadily, and they are correct. 

One Does Not Learn To Bet Overnight Or By Sheer Luck; It Requires Skill, In-Depth Knowledge Of The Game And Players, And The Best Cricket Betting Strategy. Each Strategy Is Characteristic And Unique To A Particular Match. Punters Must Decide Accordingly Which Method Suits Them. New Punters Are Suggested To Refer To A Sportsbook Before Betting.

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