Which Betting Apps Have the Best Welcome Promotions?

Cricket is a very prominent and loved sport in India. It is a hobby many enjoy, whether watching or playing cricket. Likewise, some people like to bet on this sport based on their experience and guesses. Cricket betting is very popular, and many digital platforms are famous for cricket betting. Cricket betting has many different perspectives- you can bet on scores, the team that’s going to win, the number of wickets, etc. Lets discuss best welcome promotions in this blog.

Why are cricket betting welcome promotions so popular?

Many digital platforms for cricket betting offer best welcome promotions to attract more users and hype up their companies. Cricket-betting welcome promotions are so popular, thanks to the love people have for cricket and the exciting offers by these platforms. They allow users discounts on the bets, better odds, and many more. They amplify the odds of the person winning and strengthen the odds in their favor. Sometimes they offer bonuses in the initial amount; sometimes, free bets are offered. All these programs extend various alluring proposals. Betting on cricket while having personal benefits is something people cannot deny; thus, companies have different propositions which are advantageous to them. 

Popular Online Cricket Betting platform with the best welcome promotions

1. MarvelBet

MarvelBet is one of the most eminent gambling casinos available digitally in India. They have options for playing normal poker games or betting on various sports. 

  • Features  :
  1. Verified gaming systems
  2. Confirmation of players’ legal age
  3. Mobile app available

Various welcome promotions offered-

  1.  Unlimited referral bonus

This is one of the fascinating deals offered to new customers. IF someone with a registered account sends their friend a referral link and joins the app, both the players will receive INR 200 each.

  1. 50% slots reload bonus

 Players who deposit INR 300 will receive an extra 50% bonus. 

  1. 3. 5% weekly cashback

This deal involves placing bets on sports, casinos, slots, etc and they will receive cashback money. Every Monday some amount ranging from INR 50 to INR 5,00,000 will, be credited. 

2. Crickex

This digital platform is one of the first preferences for people in India when it comes to sports betting. 

  • Features :
  1. Gaming License
  2. Confidential and unshared information 
  3. Interesting promotions

Various welcome promotions offered-

  1. Gift Point Exchange

Winning money with this promotion is very simple. The players can place some bets and earn gift points. Afterward, they can redeem these gift points for real money.

  1. Birthday Bonus

If a person deposits at least INR 5000 in the 3 months leading up to their birthday they will receive a bonus of INR 1000 on their birthday.

  1. Weekly Lucky Draw

Another one of the classic lotteries! In exchange for INR 1000, one ticket is awarded and winners are chosen randomly. 

3. JeetWin

It has a vast variety of games that interest people in betting on this website even more.

  • Features
  1. Strictness for legal age
  2. Verified gaming systems
  3. Have game providers like Microgaming etc

Various welcome promotions offered-

  1. Cricket Free spins

Place bets on any sport of your choice, keep doing that till you read the minimum turnover amount and you might have a chance to win Spin and Win. 

  1. Spin and wins

Place the bet, spin the win and test your luck!

  1. 100% slots welcome bonus

The players will give their odds a chance by depositing at least INR 1000 and win a maximum of INR 50000. 

4. BetVisa

With a wide arena of games up for playing, this digital platform has won a lot of hearts of people with a penchant for betting. 

  • Features
  1. Verified users only
  2. Lotteries available
  3. On-the-spot money transfer
Various welcome promotions offered-
  1. Lucky Sunday

Deposit more than INR 500 from Monday to Saturday and receive a turnover of more than INR 6000 on Sundays.

  1. 2x reward points

While playing slots if the player wins twice the reward points will automatically be doubled.

  1. 12%daily reload bonus on live casinos

Deposit a minimum of INR 1000 in live casinos and receive your bonus of up to 12% once a day. 

5. ICCWin

Another one of people’s loved platforms by being a go-to place for casinos and sports betting.

  • Features-
  1. Lottery, sports, and casinos
  2. 24×7 Customer support services
  3. Responsible gaming structure
Various welcome promotions offered-
  1. 1.2% daily rebate on slots

A player can easily play slot games daily and receive rebates. Afterward, a 1.2% rebate will be credited to their account on a daily abscess. 

  1. Deposit 500 get free 1500

Once a player deposits INR 500 they will get INR 1500 credit to their account after the verification process for their details is complete.

  1. 0.9% cash rebate on lottery

Every day plays a minimum of one lottery and receives its srebates.1.2% of those rebate money will be transferred to your account. 

The Final Words

To conclude, we can say that many digital betting platforms offer various enticing promotions to lure new customers. Some of these might prove beneficial while the others might not! Of course you are not betting without taking risks, but it is advised to calculate them carefully in case something down;t go according to the plan. Read the details and understand the offers carefully before agreeing! And remember addiction for betting can prove to be your enemy and you are best suited to fight it with a strong armor of knowing about it and its preventive measures!