Baap of IPL: Who Is Considered the Godfather of Indian Cricket?

The inaugural edition of the Indian Premier League was in 2008, the league that has become the godfather in every cricket event. The godfather of Indian cricket is MS Dhoni, and it is a fact. At the current time. Every year number of quality players for the world that bents here for part of the league. The reason behind having the title of the richest tournament is the fan’s madness and love for the league. Every team has passionate fans for them who support them from the bottom of their heart. The fans treat their favourite cricketers as Godfathers, and before the start of each match, people trend their idol to recollect the memories of the IPL star players. 

Since the beginning of IPL, the fans have witnessed more than thousands of players worldwide. Every year franchises have made changes in the squad from the edition. The IPL is an excellent platform for new young players. In the history of 8 years, the world has already had a lot of players. The godfather of Indian cricket is list as follows.

Jasprit bumrah is the bowling god father of IPL

Whenever the fans discuss the best players in the T20 formats, fans always choose to have fast bowling then Jasprit Burmah is at the top list. Indian cricket jasprit bumrah proved that if a bowler is efficient at bowling with accuracy, no batter can destroy him in the shorter format. Bumrah made his debut in IPL in 2013, and then he became part of Mumbai Indians. In winning the title for the Mumbai Indias in 2017,2019, and 2020 bumrah had the highest wicket taking the trophy. 

Chris Gayle is the dangerous player in the world

Whenever it comes to discussion about the strike rate, the first name comes as Chris gayle. He is the best entertainer in the world, on the field and off the field. His dancing skills, funny and humor behavior are always appreciate, as well as he has won many hearts. Gayle has the power of hitting that can upset any bowler in the world. Chris is part of the Punjab Kings, as well as there is hope for having big sixes in the Punjabi style each season. 

Virat Kohli is the run machine.

In the Indian team, skipper viral Kohli is part of the same franchise that the Indian Premier League from starting. It is having a good outing as the batsman in the league. Viral Kohli has completed his 6000 runs in IPL in a concise time compared to other cricketers. He is known for having a great captaincy nature as well as keeping the team in a great format. He has a great score in the international cricket world and leads India to win every game. 

Rohit Sharma is the Hit Man

Mumbai batsman Rohit Sharma is the best batsman in the world no doubt that his skills having classy, as well as he is known for being the best captain in the world after MS Dhoni. Rohit Sharma has won the IPL title 6 times. Rohit Sharma has scored 5250+ with 130 as a strike rate. 

The GodFather of Indian Cricket

MS Dhoni is the Godfather of IPL

Not only the history of IPL, but it comes with Indian cricketer MS Dhoni as the best finisher and best skipper with such unique abilities. He is known for having a sharp mind and the coolest behaviour in the whole field. Fans love Dhoni, that is unconditionally. After the IPL started, MS Dhoni was playing for CSK. Chennai fans call him by having a special name that, is thala. It is having mentioned that because it means the presence of MSD in Chennai, CSK is completely popular in the whole country. He is the godfather of Indian cricket for his amazing performances. 

MS Dhoni leads Chennai super king, which is one of the most successful franchises in the whole IPL history. Chennai has won the title the three times as well as they being 5 times been runner up in the league. Many times, MSD has played a crucial role for CSK while finishing the whole game. Looking upon the records and other factors, MS Dhoni is the real Godfather of the IPL.

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